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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sarah Ann Green Hurd – Angel of Mercy

Family History
Author: Mark
Saturday, June 13, 2015
5:54 am


Last Sunday afternoon, I was looking through some old family histories I had posted to FamilySearch.org.  For the first time, I really read the history of Sara Ann Green Hurdmy great grandmother and wife of Mark Hurd, for whom I was named. Sarah and Mark were parents of my grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Hurd Dixon.

Note: Several links to content on FamilySearch.org are included in this post.  Access requires a user account, which is a available free of charge.
The whole life story is available here  but I’ll share three excerpts that were particularly interesting to me:
First, she grew up in American Fork, Utah  where our family lived 111 years later. Five our children were born when we lived there!
On the 13th of February, 1867, at Richfield, Utahthe Green home was made happy by the birth of a baby girl whom they named Sarah. A year later the Indians drove the people from Richfield and the Greens moved to American Fork, Utah, where they lived for fourteen years. At the early date of 1868 American Fork was being pioneered and the Green Family shared with the others the hardships the early settlers must endure.
Second, Sarah must have been a lot like my wife Claudia, who always thinks of others’ welfare before her own, except Claudia hasn’t had to help deliver babies in log houses.
As Florence Nightingale was known to the soldiers as the “Lady with the Lamp”, so is Sarah Hurd known to the people of early Star Valley as “An Angel of Mercy.” A friend in need. Never once did she fail those who sought her help. Many a woman has felt she could face the ordeal of motherhood with more ease and confidence because she was there. She was a good nurse, cheerful, and comforting to the sick. She aided practically all of the early doctors in the valley. More than one hundred mothers were grateful for her assistance and their newly born child received the tenderest care. For sixty years she has been a friend, nurse, savior, and comforter to the people of Star Valley.
Third, and most touching to me, was a parenthetical comment related to the death of Sarah’s husband, Mark Hurd, in 1936, during the Great Depression.  At the time, the Hurds lived in Star Valley, Wyoming. My Dad and his parents lived in Gooding, Idaho, 275 miles away. I had never heard this story before reading this history of Grandma Hurd last Sunday.
(Ken Dixon [my Dad], a son of Sarah Elizabeth and James H. Dixonwas twelve years old at the time. They lived in Gooding, Idaho, and he had been saving for a long time so he could buy a bicycle. He had $27.00 saved, which was nearly enough to buy that bicycle he wanted so much. That money was all the money in the house, and he gave it to his parents so they could attend the funeral of his grandfather in Star Valley.)
My family has a great heritage.  Thank you, Grandma Hurd, for being a shining part of that heritage.
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