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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Baby Buggy Boogie Woogie Ryan James

Family History, Music, Throw Back Thursday
Author: Mark
Thursday, April 23, 2015
5:53 pm

Baby Buggie Boogie Woogie

Back in the late 1980’s I wrote a little song for each of our five children (Holly hadn’t yet graced our lives). These little ditties aren’t going to win any poetry contests, nor draw any radio time, but it is fun to read over them once in a while.  In my head, I sort of know the tune I set to each song, but sorry, I don’t plan to share my singing with you!

Tomorrow, Claudia and I are going to fly to Sacramento to visit our son Ryan and his wife, Nichole.  It has been quite a while since we saw them last. So today, on Throw Back Thursday, I’ll share Ryan’s song, “Baby Buggy Boogie Woogie, Ryan James! – which I wrote when he was less than a year old.


Baby-buggy Boogie Woogie, Ryan James
By:  Mark G. Dixon, September 26, 1989

Well, you sit on the floor and you crawl around.
You almost stand and walk the town.
You jump up and down as the music plays.
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

   Chorus (repeat after each verse)

   Ryan James, Ryan James,
   It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James

You sit in the buggy and look about
You really want to jump and shout
And drive your Mom and Dad insane.
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

We love your grin and dimple in your cheek
But we sometimes wish you’d sleep all week,
In the middle of the night when you must be changed.
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

You roll around with the kids awhile.
Then you pull some hair and it turns wild. 
We sit and cringe when you play those games 
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

You’d really like to eat real food.
For the Gerber’s stuff you have no mood.
You smear the ice cream on your face.
It’s a baby buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

Well, it only seems like a month or two 
Since old Bull Richards delivered you. 
Had a hard time picking out your name! 
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

But, it’s hard to remember the time before 
You cute little guy came in our door. 
You’re helping us make this a happy place. 
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

We’re really glad you live with us
Even though you make a big fuss.
We’re a better family since you came,
It’s a baby-buggy boogie woogie Ryan James.

Ryan James, Ryan James,
Baby-buggy boogie boogie Ryan James!


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