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Thursday, September 20, 2018

James H. Dixon Family in Manard, Idaho

Family History
Author: Mark
Friday, June 10, 2016
3:40 pm


During a recent visit to our home, my uncle Dick Dixon introduced me to a fascinating book, “History of Manard – The Pioneer Town That Used To Be,” compiled by Clifton R. Dixon, my father’s late cousin.  This book provides interesting details about a small farming community in Camas County, Idaho, where my father was born.

The book is no longer in print, so Uncle Dick allowed me to scan the book.  The scanned .pdf file is available for download on this blog site.

I extracted from the book a short article, written by Uncle Dick, “The James H. Dixon Family in Manard, Idaho,” that provides a overview of the Dixon family and the farm where they lived from 1916 to 1933. 

It was wonderful to read about the great family that established such a great heritage for me.

The photo is of Grandpa and Grandma, James Henry Dixon and Sarah Elizabeth Hurd Dixon when they were married in 1904.

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